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Here's what some of our past clients have had to say;

"I was very well pleased with the results and proceeds from the the fine job you did with the consignment...and the professional job you do running your auction service."

"You were wonderful and the audience really loved you! It's apparent that you really enjoy your work.


"Your people were very friendly and polite. Everything was picked up and in good order after the auction. We were very impressed with how you ran the auction and overheard many positive & favorable comments from the crowd. I would highly recommend your services to anyone who asks. I appreciate your patience and compassionate understanding. You said you would make it all go away, and you did!"

"You did an outstanding job selling my items! Your advertising brought a large crowd and the proceeds greatly exceeded my expectations!"

"We wanted to express our appreciation to you for the excellent job you did with the auction...You and your crew handled everything in a most businesslike manner before, during, and after the event. We were well pleased with your skill and competence in all areas, and with the proceeds from the auction."

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