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Many times circumstances will not allow for an auction on-site, because there is not enough merchandise, not sufficient space for display and customers, or for some other reason. In these cases we safely pack and transport the items, however large, fragile, or numerous, to another location for the auction.

     We hold regular monthly consignment auctions (consisting of several smaller estates or collections) at the Haimerl Center, 1421 Morse Road, just about a mile to the east of I-71. This is a superb facility, with ample comfortable seating, plenty of parking, large clean restrooms, and great food from Moma Lo's catering truck. Regular auction goers in central Ohio are very familiar with the location, as it is used regularly by many area auctioneers. We also have several other facilities in the area that we work with, depending on the seller's needs.

    In the case of off-site auctions, our services include packing, loading, transportating, storage until the day of auction, inventory and advertising, as well as all the other services typically part of our on-site auctions. We will be happy to meet with you and help you determine the best selling venue for your merchandise.

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